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The Black Church Production (BCP) is an performing arts production that produces gospel plays on a annual basis to help educate the new millennium generation on biblical and spiritual values and cope with today experiences. The struggle to expose the "Black Church" to new change plays a formative role in the lives of our future millennium upcoming believers of GOD. In the "Black Church" in order to apply all of God's word to the life of many African American's millenniums today, the need for conceptual and perceptual knowledge is critical.

The Black Church Production use theater performing arts as a positive tool to implement spiritual values, experiences, and knowledge to our upcoming millenniums. BCP opens the door for many millenniums to share their gifts and talents in a spiritual setting and mind frame. BCP establish positive relationships with young and upcoming artists, performers, dancers, & actors to use their God giving gifts as a way of using their energies in counteracting negative societal influences and relations, violence, hatred, disrespect as well as provide a safer community through the use of creative performing arts.



Funding raised for BCP is used to buy costumes, needed equipment, pay instructors, theater rentals, make-up artists and any administrative cost (flyers, mailing, posters, tickets and logo items). Our fundraisers provide a way for our children, families and christian community to unite where GOD will be the center of not only our lives but for a breakthrough in the world's spiritual growth as a whole


As a christian community your sponsorship and support is very vital to this cause and as a pillow of the community within christian standards, we as followers of our LORD Jesus Christ must set the example as GOD commanded, Matthew 28:19 19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, With helping to support this cause will make us not only be a part of the word of God, but allow us to show we are concerned about our upcoming millennial's and is reaching out for a "DIVINE CALL FOR REPENTANCE" as well as provide a "REDEMPTIVE PLAN TO SAVE OUR FUTURE" through spiritual theatrical performing arts.


Please give your support today by donating to the Black Church Production and as an appreciation of your support, you or your church will be featured as sponsor or supporter on every poster, flyer or event we perform. Also your business will be announced as a soul sponsor or supporter to the production.




your name/business in program booklet



your name/business in program booklet/displayed poster



your name/business in program booklet/displayed poster/ 2 free tickets to show



your name/business in program/poster/5 free tickets/announced at performance


$1180 plus

become a honorary sponsor with seasonal tickets for a group of ten plus

business in program/poster/announced at performance and attendance to events


Donations can be mailed to:


7118 ORRAL ST., #A


(Please call to let us know you are mailing it)

(510) 472-5232


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We thank you for being apart of this great revelation of God Plan

Evangelist Dr. Arletha "Angel" Lands-McTair



Praise Dance Performing Art Institute is a praise and worship dance school where you learn how to praise and worship GOD in dance. The institute has taught praise for over 15 years and instructs over Ten (10) styles of praise dance: Liturgical praise dance (ballet/modern/jazz),Worship praise dance, Sacred praise dance, Praise Dance, Gospel praise dance, Creative praise dance ( dramatic praise dance, sign language praise dance, Miming, and flag/banner). The institute present an integrated teaching of worship to God from the biblical and traditional roots.

Praise dance is standard in the order of many church services. The argument as to whether or not praise dance is appropriate ignites theological discussions worldwide. Nevertheless, praise dance continues to grow in popularity and to develop into different styles:

Liturgical Dance

  • Liturgical dance is a kind of lyrical dance; it is composed of ballet, jazz, and modern dance elements. The choreography, performed during a mass or church service, includes movements that convey specific symbols of worship such as a cross, and specific acts of worship such as kneeling. Liturgical dances also are used primarily in the Christian religion to help act out or accentuate words. Liturgical comes from the word "liturgy," which means a rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship. Liturgical dances are an accompaniment to a minister's sermon, but it should not take away from the sermon itself. The dance should enhance the words of the priest or minister.

Worship Dance

  • Worship dance is also a kind of lyrical dance. A worship dance presentation aims at evoking an adoration of God within the hearts of an audience. This style of dance is introspective and solemn.

Sacred Dance

  • Sacred dance is a term that means the dance practiced by any religion; whereas, liturgical, worship, praise and gospel dance are specific to Christianity.

Praise Dance

  • Praise dance grew out of the African-American church. The tempo of praise dance is upbeat and faster than the tempos of liturgical and worship dance. Clapping, rocking of the body, and waving of the hands are typical praise dance movements.

Gospel Dance

  • Gospel dance, as praise dance, grew out of the African-American church. Gospel dance is dramatic and theatrical; it uses elements of the theater such as miming.

Creative Praise Dance

Sun Dance

  • The Native American Plains Sun Dance is a pinnacle of the tribe's religious ceremonies. The dance conveys rebirth and renewal. It is typically performed for four to eight days for the summer solstice. The dance is intended to ensure harmony to all living things and, likewise, to convey praise and worship to the gods. This dance was the communal religious ceremony for the bison-hunting Plains' tribes.

Please fill out this form and click send, we will attend to your form ASAP! A packet will be sent to you

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7118 Orral Street

Oakland, CA 94621


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed

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