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The journey for being healthy takes a challenging effort to reaching strength in physical success. Since childhood, health and physical fitness has always been one of the most amazing concepts to feeling and looking good. In reaching

my endeavors within the field of fitness and the health industry, I was motivated by my mother, Mrs. Aline B. Hopkins-Jones and my third grade physical education and dance teacher Mrs. Ernestine Chambers who has set the stage for my physical fitness accomplishments of today.

My most important aspiration for helping minority women to become more health conscience and living a healthier lifestyle, is of my devoted merits that stems from my own personal experience of being obese as well as my mother who became morbid obese and carried multiple chronic illnesses due to obesity, enlarged heart, high blood pressure, diabetes and much more….. Not only had I seen the various chronic diseases that minority women face but was challenged on a daily basis with my own disparities. This however made me realize that life can be filled with positive energies rather than negative ones.

As I observed the unhealthy physical conditions of my mother, I thought being unhealthy is not the way I want to live my life. After recognizing it was too late for my mother, it made me have the desire to help other women improve upon their health. So I made the commitment to find ways to help educate minority women on the many health disparities we encounter on a day-to-day basis. Even more rewarding is the energies of defeating the challenge and turning it into an inspiration that motivates other minority women to move forward in reaching for healthier aspirations.

In my devotion of 28 plus years of service within the Physical health industry striving to help those minority women who want to help themselves maintain a healthier lifestyle, I within the past 12 years saw the need to promote health education awareness and prevention/intervention programs/campaigns to help eliminate the health disparities among minority and under served women within racial/ethnic communities. The journey for creating this organization was to give minority and under served women purpose and hope for living a quality life of longevity.

As I continue the efforts in making HF4MW become a national organization and to carryout the mission for helping eliminate health disparities among minority and under served women within racial/ethnic communities, I hope that I can be a part of the physical change in your lives. "Striving to keep Women Healthy."

Best wishes to all.......

Arletha (angel) Lands, B.S., M.S., MBA HCM, PhD., M.D.

CEO & founder of Health & Fitness 4 Minority Women Inc 

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