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Since 1999, HF4MW Inc Community Service Initiative Program has given over 3,000 plus individuals an opportunity donate their time within our organization. Originally, our community service initiative program targeted minority women whom were given court violations to perform community service within a creditable and viable organization. So in 2007, we took on the task of not only helping minority women, but helping their families and other community bystanders who needed our organization as  a mentoring and supportive measure to do their services.

Our Community Service Initiative Program provides individuals opportunity to gain positive experiences as well as become a influence within their community. We believe in coming together and building a healthier and empowering community. Our service program help those individuals to gain back respect in society while working in various area's in our organization that will incorporate a vital learned set of skills. 


At HF4MW Inc. we believe in helping those individuals that are in need of a positive organization to donate their time and efforts. We look forward to taking on individuals who is willing to learn and bring about positive behavioral changes as well as  give them the tools to meet their basic life requirements for survival.

If you are looking for a safe place to volunteer your services as well as have compassion for your community, we would love for you to join us in your journey. Fill out the form below.

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