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These colors represent the "Minority Women Flag" for eliminating health disparities.

Red:Represents the hearts that pours into the needed assistance of all minority women and the concerns for helping minority women to start a healthy lifestyle.

Royal blue:Represents the loyalty and commitment that minority women make in their endeavors by staying motivated to the mission of developing a better health for themselves and their family.

Evergreen:Represents the steps of achievement that minority women has made to becoming more educated on health disparities they face. The foundation for bettering their lifestyles.

Black:Represents the boldness minority women shown in their efforts to carry on the torch of changed behaviors to a life of longevity.

Royal purple:Represents the interest, trust and pride minority women have esteemed in their pathway of a improved self-image and personal vitality.

Silver:Represents the core of the flag for which it is the diamond that gives shine to the vitality that minority women embeds throughout their newly changed lifestyles.

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