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Health & Fitness 4 Minority Women Inc was established in 1999 in the East Bay Area of Richmond California under the umbrella of Angel’s Personal & Sports Specific Training Fitness Center (APSTFC). HF4MW Inc. in September 2010 became a community-based non-profit organization and then became a 501(3) c organization in August 2012 where presently residing in Oakland, California. HF4MW Inc is led by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, as well as a Professional Advisory Board that is made up of a collaborative of public health professionals and community health advocacies.

The organization is a member of the American Public Health Association (APHA), and National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) which provides research support and educational resources needed on minority women mental and physical health issues. HF4MW Inc. foster private partnerships/sponsorships with other health related organizations and uses the support and funding provided through community fund raisers, and private sectors for campaign interventions and activities that are designed for the health of racial/ethnic low-income minority women populations.

The center also involves a consortium of public health professionals, health educators, community advocates, faith-based organizations and academicians within the community that promotes prevention and health education programs for eliminating health disparities among minority and under served women.

APSTFC, originally have been in existence for over 26 years of professional/personal experiences and faithful services to minority women. APSTFC first beginning was developed in the southern states of Louisiana for 5 years of professional practice and moved to the East Bay Area of California in 1986. HF4MW INC. focus on five racial and ethnic diverse groups of women: African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander and Hispanics.

The organization provides health education awareness, prevention/intervention programs on various chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis/arthritis, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, strokes, high cholesterol and cancers. Other programs provided are nutritional consultation, self-esteem/enhancement programs, mental health and activities for physical health such as walk-a-tons, bike-a-tons, personalize/group/physical fitness classes,within rural/ethnic communities, all of which focus on the physical health for all minority women. The organization also implements free community health educational seminars and workshops within local communities.

HF4MW Inc. has been providing physical health services to minority women within the Northern California region for over 12 years. Since the development of HF4MW’s Inc., we have service over 5,000 low-income minority women and successfully met the physical/mental health needs of all. HF4MW Inc. uses this health education awareness program as a needed implementation of good health within the racial/ethnic communities for the audiences of low-income minority women as a means to decrease chronic health conditions and increase a better quality of life. HF4MW Inc. presently resides in Oakland, California where we cater to the physical health conditions of all minority women

Our organization is based on the belief that minority women health is of the uttermost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

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