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Minority Women Massage Therapy (MWMT) Program

The Minority Women Massage Therapy Program is a professional, full service massage program located in Oakland, California. Our program provides women , corporations, conventions and trade shows with full massage services (full-body, chair, therapeutic, and in-home massage). Our clientele base is over 100 plus with one health care

facility in Oakland California. HWMT Program is owned and operated by Dr. Angel Lands who is a Kinesiologist in exercise and wellness in sports medicine, Physical Therapist/Othropedic surgeon, and Public and Community Health Practitioner that has been practicing since 1998 the art of massage therapy.

Our Services:

Deep tissue massage: (For those needing relief from chronic pain, and a little more than basic relaxation). Deep Tissue Massage is for those who suffer from chronic pain or muscle conditions, such as fibromyalgia. The strokes used are more direct, deep, and slow in nature, and address the deeper non-superficial muscle groups. Some stretching and joint movements are also a part of this massage therapy. Deep tissue massage is good for improving circulation, and reducing muscle spasms and pain.

Myofascial release massage:

(For those needing relief from stiffness due to lack of, or too much exercise). Myo (is Muscle) and Fascia (is the web like connective tissue that surrounds the muscle). Sometimes it is difficult to massage the muscles due to the fascia being too stiff. The stokes used in myofascial release massage are usually medium to deep spreading strokes used to warm the fascia to relaxation, in order to work on the muscle tissue. Myofascial massage is great for increasing blood flow.

Trigger point massage: (For those needing relief from general muscle spasms or headaches). Trigger Point is a form of deep tissue massage; however, the therapist's fingers are the main instrument. There is usually no kneading or stroking of the muscles. Instead, direct pressure is applied to specific points in the contracted muscle to relieve spasms, tension, stiffness, and blockage of circulation.

Reiki therapy: (For those who cannot endure direct physical manipulation of the muscles). Reiki Therapy is a form of energy work which balances out the flow of energy or chi' throughout the body. The therapist's hands are gently placed on, and passed over, the client's body releasing any blocked energy. This therapy is good for releasing emotional and physical tension. Reiki is perfect for those with terminal illnesses, cancer, or those who just need an emotional healing. Reiki is administered with the client fully clothed.


30 Minutes $46.00

45 Minutes                                      $61.00

1 Hour                                            $85.00

1 1/2 Hour                                      $152.00

2 Hours                                           $170.00

Reiki                                               $65.00/30 Minutes

*Stretch Session                               $55.00/30 Minutes

Foot Reflexology (One Hour)              $92.00

*Stretch session available a la carte

or as an addition to any

of the above sessions

Outcomes Rate:

1 Hour                                               $95.00

1 1/2 Hours                                       $175.00

2 Hours                                             $190.00

Outcomes Rate outside of East Bay Area

1 Hour $135.00

1 1/2 Hours $195.00

2 Hours $210.00


On-Site Chair Massage

Corporate/Convention/Trade show

(Call for rates)

Base Rate: $70 per therapist per hour

(One hour minimum per person)

Couple's Package

$10 Discount on couple's massage

(One hour minimum per person)

Individual Pre-Pay Packages (Office only)

Four 1 hour massage sessions for $268.00

(A $32.00 savings)

Four 30 minute stress break massage

sessions for $164.00

(A $20.00 savings)

Four 1 1/2 hour massage sessions for $376.00

(A $32.00 savings)

(12) 1 hour massage sessions for $720.00

(a $144.00 savings)

Pre-Pay Packages valid for 6 months

(Except for the 12 month package)

Gift Certificates Available

Great for weddings, birthdays, clients, employee incentives, anniversaries, and holidays.


Cancellations: Please give 24-hour notice, otherwise a $50.00 fee will be assessed.

No-shows: $72.00 no-show charge.

Returned Check Fee: $25.00

Please note the fees are necessary to offset lost business revenue, and not having enough time to re-book the lost session. Please let me know if you need a reminder call or email and we will make it happen! Thank you in advance for your understanding of this tender subject.

Please be aware that if a session is missed or not canceled within the proper amount of time and a pre-pay package has been purchased the session will be deducted from the remaining massages on the package.

To schedule an appointment please fill out the form below or call us at 510-969-4327

First Name:

Last Name:




Address 1:

Address 2:






Oakland, California 94621


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed

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