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APST/HF4MW Home School Education Center

APST Home School provides a complete home school curriculum that includes all A-G courses for students’ 8 – 12 grade. Our goals: to provide the best academic studies; to provide advance studies that will help your child get into any college; and most importantly inspire your child to become a better learner.In all subject matters, we plan structured daily lessons that are designed for diverse learning styles. Our curriculum bridges the gaps in all instructions as well as offers students 21 century learning resources and skills that is needed to succeed in a higher academic environment and workplace.

The Curriculum

For over 10-years APST Home school has provided the best home education and has proven its engaging use of the best educational resources. Subject integrated lessons are written in collaboration with PENN Foster high school Independent at home-school program that is regionally and nationally accredited. Penn Foster 

high school Independent at home-school program that is regionally and nationally accredited. Penn Foster High School is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools for our high school and vocational-technical programs. Penn Foster High School is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Penn Foster is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. Our school is registered with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearing House.

Mission Statement

The mission of APST Home School/Penn Foster High School is to provide a positive, supportive, and meaningful learning experience for minority students who are taken out of the public school system due to GPA and/or explosion, can not handle the public school envirnoment, or need to complete their high school education in a non-traditional setting.

APST Home School/Penn Foster High School is committed to providing an academically comprehensive curriculum which is supportive of the diverse individual needs, goals, and learning styles of adult learners and all students. The school relies on a learning environment of independent study, which allows students to take ownership in the process of achieving their educational goals and functioning productively in the working world, in further academic settings, and in their personal lives. APST Home School/Penn Foster High School strives to fulfill its mission by providing a solid core curriculum in traditional high school disciplines, complemented by academic and vocational electives. The curriculum is supported by applicable technology, a qualified faculty, and a wide array of student services aimed at the needs of the distance learner. The school assesses fulfillment of its mission and achievement of institutional effectiveness through ongoing studies of student learning, measurement of student satisfaction, and evaluation of career outcomes of graduates. The mission is supported by an admissions policy that allows students with a minimum eighth grade education to enroll in the program without regard to race, religion, gender, color, national origin, or physical ability.

The Resources

Our resources are high quality offline and with online learning tools. As an APST student, students are provided with online resources including math instruction, Spelling enhancement activities, Computer Information System lessons, and much more.

Career Services Included!

Graduates of the Penn Foster High School Diploma Program can take advantage of Penn Foster Career Services which includes access to information on how to search for and find that great job, tips on interviewing, preparing a cover letter, and we'll even have a Certified Professional Resume Writer help you create your resume.

Home School Requirements

Any student who is of compulsory age must also comply with home school requirements dictated by their school district, or students will be considered truant. You need to check the requirement of your district to ensure the APST Home School/Penn Foster High School program meets the district's home school requirements.

The Support

APST Home school education counseling and professional educators provide practical information, advice regarding the students’ academic questions as well as offer alternative teaching strategies.

APST Home School Curriculum

APST Home School Education program provides students with a high-quality education and empowering educational experience that is built on a strong foundation of basic academic endeavors. Our curriculum is reinforced in its application of subject development that will increase students thinking skills as well as foster a culture of achievement. Our curriculum for a successful school year requires students to meet all academic courses, innovative online and offline academic resources, assessments and expert guidance.

APST Home School courses include:

· Reading, Phonics, English/Literature· History(U.S., American, World, political government), Social Studies· Spelling, Vocabulary · Science · Writing, Composition· Geography · Grammar · Cultural Arts · Mathematics (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus)· Technology· Electives (Spanish, arts, music & chemistry)

Flexibility, Tailoring Options, and Support

APST Home School provides everything you need for a full year of instruction. Students can work independently at a pace and schedule that fits your families’ lifestyle and needs, with the assurance that APST’s support team is available to you when you need them. Every child has a distinctive learning style and unique instructional needs. APST addresses these differences by offering Custom Math, a math grade-level placement different than the core course. In Eighth through Eleventh Grade students can select from two different language arts instructional focuses, both cover the same subjects with a different emphasis, APST Academic and APST Scholastic.

Instructional Support Options

APST’S Advisory Teaching Service (ATS) offers an additional layer of optional instructional support for your Eighth THROUGH twelevth Grade students. By enrolling in the ATS, you begin a partnership that will boost your confidence and offer another supportive voice in your child’s education.

The Advisory Teaching Service provides:

  • A partner to reinforce your academic instruction and goals

instruction and goals

  • Evaluations of your child’s work

  • Detailed feedback on composition, mechanics, and processing skills

  • Personal letters to the student of encouragement

  • Additional motivation and support for your student

  • A certificate of completion

  • A transcript with subject grades to satisfy your local reporting requirements

Home-school Agreement

The school will:

  • Ensure your child’s physical and social well being at all times, and to foster feelings of confidence, self-worth and belonging.

  • Deliver a balanced and carefully planned curriculum which meets the needs of your individual child.

  • Provide a range of after school extracurricular activities designed to enrich your child’s experience.

  • Ensure that all homework tasks are given regularly on an agreed day, and that they reflect your child’s learning needs.

  • To actively welcome parents/career’s into the life of the school and to ensure that teaching staff are always available, by mutual arrangement, to discuss any concerns you might have about your child’s progress or general welfare.

  • Keep you informed about the school’s policies and guidelines on behavior and equal opportunities, other general school matters and about your child’s progress in particular

  • Ensure that all teaching staff keep up to date on important educationaldevelopments and initiatives whichmight effect your child, and to informyou of these at given meetings where appropriate.

Tuition and Financing

Total price: $480.00 per month (Tuition for graduation diploma $545.00, a registration fee of $150.00, an administrative fee of $65.00.)

Textbooks, study materials, and course supplies are to be purchased each quarter depending on the subject matter. Other study materials are included within the program.

Payment options:

Full monthly payment $480.00

Partial monthly payment  $240.00 (1 wk and 3 wk)

Transfer Credits

APST Home School/Penn Foster reduces tuition by $50 for each High School course transferred. To receive transfer credits, an official transcript from an accredited institution recognized by Penn Foster must be submitted for evaluation. Transfer credits will be awarded for comparable High School subjects where a full credit has been earned. Since High School programs vary, only an evaluation by Penn Foster will determine the actual number of transfer credits to be awarded. The maximum number of transfer credits allowed is 16. Upon our acceptance of your transfer credits, an adjustment to your financial obligation will be made.

Payment Methods

We accept checks, money orders, and authorized automatic withdrawals from checking and savings accounts from U.S. banks.

Applications are accepted quarterly January - December

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For More Info: Please call

510 820-3744


Oakland, CA 94621


Mon - Fri: 8AM - 2PM

Sun: Closed

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