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HF4MW Inc.


HF4MW walk-a-ton is a annual event given as a fundraiser for education and prevention in "eliminating health disparities among low-income minority women within racial/ethnic communities. The fund raiser will provide health education resources, seminars and community workshops, research, physical fitness and nutrition programs, access to mental health counseling and appropriate healthcare practices and an overall health regiment to help minority women change behaviors.

Our major focus regarding the health of minority women is:

1). to provide various physical fitness programs as a means to fight against health disparities amongst minority women.

2). to provide resources to help educate minority women on various health issues.

3). to encourage minority women to become more health conscience and physically fit.

4). to help build minority women self-esteem and enhance motivation.

5). to help minority women become a healthy prominent role model in building a stronger foundation for their children.

6). to help within rural communities support and promote minority women health for a lifespan.

7). to foster partnerships in delivering healthy messages across intercity communities.

This walk-a-thon is given as a means of financial support for minority women fight against health disparities. As a participant you are helping to provide a lower cost and better access to health educational materials, QUALITY personal/physical fitness training programs, and help to expand facility space that will provide six entities of services such as: a 50,000 sq ft building space for fitness classes, aquatic area for minority women with joints problems and physical disabilities, a nutrition center, a health education center specifically for minority women, a massage therapy center, and a counseling center to help encourage and improve self-esteem towards a better health. By doing this, minority women will become more health conscience and motivated to achieve a better lifestyle with positive energies and elevated positioning.

Socially, all participants will have a lot of fun, meet new people, and accomplish even maybe their first marathon walk.


As a participant:

All walkers must be at 18 years of age or older and commit to raise a minimum of $1,600 plus a participant donation for Health & Fitness 4 Minority Women Inc for “Eliminating Health Disparities Among Minority Women” to partake in this walk. All registration fees and donations are non-refundable/transferable.

If I did not raise $1,600, I will give a 50% plus a $90 participant-donation as a support to the walk. You are responsible for your medical insurance during your participation in the event.

Participate as A CREW MEMBER.

Crew members are committed to a two-day commitment for both areas of the event. All crew members are required to attend the All-Crew Meeting on Thursday a week before the event and on Friday before the event. All Crew members must be at least 18 years old and commit to attending and servicing the entire event. Crew members will not walk but administer to their specific positions/roles needed for the event. Medical insurance is required for all crew members.


Join HF4MW walk-a-thon and become part of a program that’s improving the lifestyles of minority women.

Participants will:

· Attend an information meeting.

· Be in good company.

· Receive a walk-a-thon kit

· Become a member of HF4MW Inc. quarterly newsletter

info meeting Sunday, July 28, 2019 @ 10:00am, Oakland Lake Merritt Annex Stairs

Sunday, August 3, 2019 @ Richmond Marina


Saturday, August 17, 2019

at Lake Merritt in Oakland

Sunday, August 19, 2019

at Richmond Marina

8:00am - 12:00pm

Please select what type of participant you would like to be:

Type what type of participant in the comment box

Organizations just type name an amount of participants


Silver Participants:     Donation $80            receive T-shirt

Bronze Participants:   Donation $110          T-shirt/Hat

Gold Participants:      Donation $150          T-shirt/Hat/Tote-bag


Yearly Membership Packets:

(All memberships are provided with a yearly membership card)

Join US! and Register Today!


Mail your payment (check or money order) or go to the Donation button and donate to receive your packet BEFORE August 17, 2019.

Mail To:

HF4MW Inc.

2017 Walk-a-thon

7118 Orral Street

Oakland, CA 94621

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For more info please call 510-472-5232

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