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Because of Dr. Lands desire for minority women health, the HF4MW Inc. is at the helm of the state's only minority women education/prevention organization within in the state of California that addresses the health disparities specifically among low-income minority and under served women. Dr. Lands is a achiever who over came many health disparities, who turned hera

personal experiences into an organization that provides health education and prevention methods, support and determination to all minority women. During her personal fight against obesity, hypertension and sick-a-cell anemia, she recognized the lack of knowledge minority women were not receiving from doctors, and other health professionals, a higher mortality rate of chronic health conditions and the needed strategies to help minority women become more interested in their health.

After working extensively with minority women over the past 23 years, in 1999, Dr. Lands founded HF4MW Inc. to ensure that minority and under served women become educated on the various health conditions as well as given the needed support of ways to become physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

Dr. Lands primary motivation is to eliminate health disparities, and decrease physical inactivity and socioeconomic barriers that keep minority women from having accessibility to suitable health facilities and informative health education. Due to Dr. Lands leadership, HF4MW Inc. has privately service more than 2,000 low-income minority women, becoming a leading voice within the minority communities for women. In addition,

Dr. Lands has developed several state outreach initiatives, including: HF4MW walk-a-thon, Bike-a-thon, aquatic fitness programs for women with arthritis/fibromyalgia, fitness/nutrition boot camps, community stress management programs and yearly gala events that provides educational resources to all minority women.

Dr. Lands is a widely recognized kinesologist of physical fitness/nutrition and health education advocate, promoting health education and physical fitness and self-enhancement programs to low-income minority women within the East Bay Area of California. A highly sought after public speaker and health expert on health disparities within the minority women population.

Dr. Lands has traveled nationally, delivering the message to faith-based organizations, community centers, public schools and other organizations. Dr. Lands concern for minority women health has been featured in local newspapers and media outlets, inclusive of the "Globe" newspaper and university news journals.

Dr. Lands has written several manuals for California State East Bay University to help construct the needed efforts for physical activity and nutrition with a theoretical base. "Aerobic Condition and Nutrition", "Water Aerobic Exercise and Nutrition", "Aerobic Kickboxing" and "The perfect Nutrition Guide to a better and healthy lifestyle." She also wrote "Herbal Essences of Diabetes Mellitus for the Obesity Women." Dr. Lands achievements have been recognized by the city of Richmond, Recreation and Parks, public school systems and many other focus groups.

Lets join together and strive to make women healthy

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